Get the parts you need or create something unique out of what you already have.


I have created a list of materials to help you get started on creating your own model! 

Or you and some friends can purchase the parts and help out an organization in need. 

Improvise, adapt and overcome

Each beach is unique in its own way but we are all fighting the same battle. There are so many possibilities to how this device could be constructed and we'd love to see how you made yours. Please share with us and others how you modified and customized your version. The polluted condition our world is in makes it impossible for any one country or organization to repair.  We must all work together in order to solve this problem. Thank you for your help. 

Tell us more

Moving forward

Please come out to a cleanup we are at to see the newest model I've created. As I stated it can always be made better and I am constantly trying to find a way to do that. The above model works great but is now outline for you to go off of. Remember this is the simplest version, you can do better.